Groundswell (2021)

  • Documentary
  • 1h 20m

Activist and filmmaker Johnny Gogan’s Groundswell provides a uniquely personal insight into how Ireland banned the practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) and how Northern Ireland still faces the prospect. Told through the eyes of grassroots activists in County Leitrim and across the border in Fermanagh, and filmed over ten years, Gogan’s camera follows a community who are opposing the work of the company Tamboran Resources as they begin operations on one side of the border before diverting to the other.

Encapsulating the anger and the alarm of the worldwide an- tifracking movement and featuring input from a number of International activists including Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo and author Sandra Steingraber, Groundswell is an inspirational story of the people on the ground who stand up for their community and our environment.


Johnny Gogan





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