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1h 20m Documentary 2021
The Booksellers
1h 39m Documentary 2019
Iorram (Boat Song)
1h 36m Documentary 2021
Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché
1h 29m Documentary, Music 2021
Eye of the Storm
1h 18m Documentary 2021
Killing Escobar
1h 29m Documentary thriller 2021
The Capote Tapes
1h 31m Biography, Documentary 2021
Dirtbag - The Legend of Fred Beckey
1h 36m Adventure, Documentary 2017
The Yukon Assignment
1h 26m Adventure, Documentary 2018
1h 51m Biography, Documentary 2018
Sheffield Adventure Film Fest on Tour
1h 40m Adventure 2020
Beyond the Visible
1h 33m Documentary 2019
The Three Kings
1h 54m Documentary 2020

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